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If you don't give them all of the bottling information they need, they'll write you back wondering about more helpful information. I've also had good luck in doing this with the bottlers. It is both gladdening and encouraging to hear that others have had experiences of prompt responses to customer questions. I remember an episode where someone had a fine collection of Bells miniatures and other spirits - around 100 miniatures in all.

They got about forty quid for them which was a step closer to their dream holiday (or whatever).

This means it was bottled in the year 2005, on the 285th day of that year at 9.29pm that day.

The final few digits I think are basically translated as 'Ardbeg'. L5 347 4ML - as above wording, no mention of year, but no flip-box, the box is as per TEN OB.”That's what I was looking for! Presumably M1 will be the year 2011, although whether 0 is at the beginning of the run (L0=2000) or the end (L0=2010) is another question.

Correct me, Kilost, but I think you are asking about label markings, or numbers stamped right on the glass, on general release bottlings, so that one could tell, for example, if this bottle of Talisker was bottled in 2005 or 1998.

Yes, the distillery is usually helpful when you write them. I have never written to a distillery in part because I never thought that it would do much good!The following is from Leither posted in Q&A: “Uigeadail” and dated Sept 22, 2006!“Okay, I think I can help you crack the code which many bottling lines use.For bottlers such as Glenmorangie, and other Broxburn area bottlers, at the bottom of the bottle the glass is feintly etched with a code, quite tricky to make out but legible in good daylight.I'll use an example to explain - my currently open Ardbeg TEN OB, bought earlier this year reads L5 284 4ML.

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I have put up pictures of the lips so that the readers can see how they mold goes all the way over the top as shown below. This is different than an older hand tooled, hand blown bottle.

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