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In studio cameras, the camera electronics shrank, and CCD imagers replaced the pickup tubes.The thick multi-core cables connecting the camera head to the CCU were replaced in the late seventies with triax connections, a slender video cable that carried multiple video signals, intercom audio, and control circuits, and could be run for a mile or more.Electronic news-gathering (ENG) cameras replaced the 16mm film cameras for TV news production from the 1970s onwards because the cost of shooting on film was significantly more than shooting on a reusable tape.

ALEXA is capable of producing an amazing variety of different looks for different stories and situations, with creative on-set color control and incredible flexibility in post.Though they delivered much better image quality, their overall operation was identical to their standard definition predecessors.New methods of recording for cameras were introduced to supplant video tape, tapeless cameras.Typically this was either a portable 1" reel to reel VTR, or a portable 3/4" U-matic VCR.Typically, the two camera units would be carried by the camera operator, while a tape operator would carry the portable recorder.

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Since the 2010s, most of the professional video cameras are digital professional video cameras.

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