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That will tell you if the number is valid for the country the customer claims to reside in. Implement Recipe 3.6 to validate the VAT number against the selected regular expression. [0-9] # Slovakia )$The above regular expression uses free-spacing mode to make it easy to edit later. Techniques used in the regular expressions in this recipe are discussed in Chapter 2. Then, look up the appropriate regular expression according to the country in Table 4-4.

In this case, you’re stuck putting everything on one line:^((AT)? If you accept orders only from certain countries, you can leave out the countries that don’t appear in the country selection on your order form. If you do, mention that you require the country code in the error message that tells the user the VAT number is invalid.If the buyer is not VAT-registered, the vendor must charge VAT and remit the VAT to the local tax office. The vendor must use the VAT registration number of the buyer as proof to the tax office that no VAT is due.

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Unfortunately, Java Script does not support free-spacing.

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